Founder Aryn Quinn on using education to prevent dating and domestic abuse...


What We Do

EndAbuse4Good is a leader in preventing abuse before it begins. With 1 in 3 teens stating they know someone - or are themselves suffering abuse - education is the key to helping them stay safe.

Our Education = Prevention workshop has taught thousands of youths the signs of abuse and how to get help. 

The EndAbuse4Good is a small team united by a big dream. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are driven by the desire to educate and protect young people from being blindsided by dating abuse.

Corporate Sponsors are also key players: with generous support - they are the fuel that keeps EndAbuse4Good going strong.

Without programs of education that promote awareness and safety, millions of young people each year will continue to silently suffer abuse, and face life-threatening violence.

Change that now!

With your tax deductible donation to EndAbuse4Good, you join the good fight to prevent dating and domestic abuse against teens, women and children.