The Education = Prevention Tour has reached thousands of young girls and women with an interactive workshop provided at no cost to grammar, high schools and local organizations.

The goal: use education to prevent girls and women from being    blindsided by a domestic abuse relationship.


When speaking with my students yesterday, they all unanimously agreed that this type of presentation should be given to all grade levels, even 9th graders, because abuse happens to all groups… All said how useful the presentation was and that they took away much needed information. They all mentioned the “Share the 8 Before It’s Too Late” brochure - that they would share this information with friends and family.
— Alice D’Orazi, Director of Medical Gateways, Cathedral High School
I was completely blown away, and even found myself in tears at the end. These girls laughed and gasped at all the right moments, they remained attentive the entire hour, and were truly fascinated by what they were being taught. It was clearly a revelatory moment for several in the crowd, and to experience that moment alongside them was unforgettable.
— Erica Daniels, Volunteer
I feel confident that this workshop has given the girls the tools they need to identify when a relationship is taking a negative turn and the steps they can take to get help. This workshop also made them more aware of how people interact in all relationships, not just romantic ones. I believe, overall, this workshop was extremely important for our girls and that it’s one they won’t soon forget.
— Maritza Grooms, Teen Coordinator for Girls Inc.

SHARE THE 8 BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE is the core of EndAbuse4Good's educational program. The eight signs are a continual pattern of intensity, jealousy, criticism, control, isolation, blame, sabotage and anger.  

When these behaviors are used by one partner to gain power and control over the other, it’s abuse - and may lead to violence.


Education = Prevention Tour Specifics

Length: 45 - 60 Minutes

Space: Gym, Auditorium, Classroom, Church Hall, Conference Center

Age: Pre-Teen, Teens and Women

Please email us for more information on how to bring this educational workshop to your school, church, business or program.

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