EndAbuse4Good Tax ID Number: 26-2134272

Without programs of education that promote awareness and safety, millions of young women each year will continue to suffer abuse in silence or even face life threatening violence.  With your tax deductible donation to EndAbuse4Good, you can help us continue to break the cycle of intimate partner/domestic abuse. If you prefer to support a specific program, please read below about how your donation can be specifically leveraged in an area that feels right to you.

Other ways to donate...

You can write a check made out to EndAbuse4Good and send to:


85 Broad Street

18th. Floor

New York, NY 10004

In addition to donations, with the following you help us continue to grow so we can reach many more women: Corporate sponsors, office space and furniture, laptops and other office equipment, PR/media distribution, interns, frequent flier miles, celebrity and other high-profile introductions, accounting services, cosmetic products and spa contributions, donations for auction, Web services, event space, fundraising plans.

Programs That Benefit

Education = Prevention:

EndAbuse4Good has reached thousands of young girls and women with an interactive workshop provided at no cost to grammar, high schools and local organizations.

Recovery Through Intervention:

Hands on intervention allows us to nurture those who have already suffered domestic abuse. With your help, EndAbuse4Good will be able to continue reaching out with hands-on intervention to those who desperately need to know that life can begin again – without abuse, and with dignity.