EndAbuse4Good is always excited to meet great volunteers with a wide range of talent including: event planning, social media, graphic design, hair styling, makeup artist, massage therapy, and transportation for events. 

If you are interested in volunteering and being part of the EndAbuse4Good team to prevent abuse - contact us below.

If you didn’t see your talent listed here, please feel free to contact us with your suggestion at volunteer@endabuse4good.org

It was an incredibly transformative experience for me and for the women of Safe Horizon. They seemed to feel that it was a safe enough and loving enough space to trust the process, and us. All of the women were, to some extent, hesitant at first, but by the time the massage was over the battle armor seemed to be shed and they were allowed to be in their bodies as themselves again. That was my experience across the board.
— Stacey
This event went beyond a makeover; it was a Transformation Treaty for the human spirit. Witnessing the love and support circulating at this event was the true gift and most definitely the vehicle for transformation. The massage therapists had the unique opportunity to see each guest upon arrival and departure. After a few hours, many of the women looked and felt so confident they could have been the anchorwoman on the six o’clock news. As for us volunteers, we felt the joy, inspiration and blessings this day brought to all involved. I am grateful to have participated and look forward to future events with EndAbuse4Good.
— Brenda
What I enjoyed the most about the day was to witness the women when they first came to the event. Most were shy and quiet but by the end of the day, they were smiling and laughing and truly enjoying themselves! This is what we wanted to accomplish: they felt good about themselves and their surroundings!
— Louise
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