One billion people in the world today grew up with domestic violence. - UNICEF

BECAUSE EVEN A SMALL CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE CAN TRANSFORM A LIFE! Women and children survivors of domestic violence are traumatized, and susceptible to feeling depressed or isolated. The WeCare program was founded to remind survivors that there is hope, and that people do care. For nearly a decade, EndAbuse4Good has been going into domestic violence shelters providing hands on support and celebrating the choice to start over.

“I realize that I can make it. And I feel very strongly now that I am not alone. You are very nice people. Thank you so much!” Survivor

Our team provides much needed laughter, joy and services that restore a sense of normalcy and belonging. As these women and children begin their new journey, the WeCare program is there to remind them: you're not alone and you're not forgotten.


One day of kindness makes a tremendous difference! Services provided for mothers include: brand new clothing/shoes/jewelry with styling service, professional hairstyling, celebrity makeup artistry, chair massage, professional portrait, beauty gift bags filled with perfume and grooming products, catered lunch, music, individual floral bouquet and inspiration cards along with healing tears and laughter. 

"Today I was no longer a survivor, yet a woman again." Survivor

Childhood domestic violence is the most pervasive human rights violation in the world. - UNICEF

What do traumatized children need? To laugh, play and feel happy! Children are reminded that they are good, deserving people and that life can be good again. We provide face painting, balloon artistry, DJ party crew, magicians, pizza party, games, gifts and lots of hugs. Children seeing their mothers uplifted and smiling, and moms seeing their kids laughing again brings healing to the entire family.

Big Christmas Smile.jpg

"I had no idea what I was going to do for my kids at Christmas. You people are so wonderful!"

Additionally, WeCare hosts The Annual Happy Holidays Party, benefitting the women and children of Safe Horizon. Every year, each child is asked what they want for Christmas, and our Amazon Wish List goes out to all our supporters. Christmas tree decorations, games, prizes, food, dance, face painting, gifts - we make sure that every woman and child has a Christmas to remember! 

"Thank you very much for providing me with an opportunity to give back to our community. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my Sunday. Seeing all those women happy, smiling and filled with tears of joy made it such a blessed day. You are providing a wonderful service." Tara Fignar, Bank of America

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